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Equillibrium Accessories: Upcycled Goat Series Clutch

Equillibrium Accessories: Upcycled Goat Series Clutch

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Equillibrium Goat Series Clutch is made from 100% up-cylced domestic goat and cow hyde. These are lovingly hand shaped and stitched one at a time. Diverted from landfill and recreated into a something to cherish for generations, resembling good luck and intention. These "Lucky Goats" live on in a bitchn' way, with Equillibrium.

These are an Equillibrium Kustom Limited Edition, when they are gone they are GONE...

No animals are ever harmed for Equillibrium products. We ONLY use up-cycled or vintage non-exotic leather, fur, and feathers due to their longer lifespan in the product's life cycle  vs. the lifespan of synthetics that are often petroleum based.


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