July 2016 "Thanks again...  I feel like it's Christmas with all my cool (Equillibrium) stuff!"                                                -Lacy:  Denver, CO

March 2016 "I recently purchased a couple of pieces from Equilibrium. I am very happy with the clothing I recieved. Crafted from quality materials and best of all made right her in Colorado . Thank you so much. 
Sincerely Kelli"                                      - Kelli: Littleton, CO

February 2016 "The hoodie is awesome and super cozy!" - Tina: Los Angeles, CA


January 2016 "My equillibrium hoodie is my favorite clothing item!"- Kim: Arvada, CO

August 2015 "Of all my hats (and I do have a collection), the hat, I got from Equilibrium is my absolute favorite.  It's really well made, holds up to constant wear and looks great with a lot of different looks.  Absolutely planning to buy more accessories from Equilibrium! "- Marguerite: Denver, CO

EQ Wool Military Cap


March 2015  "I received the T- Shirt I ordered. It's going to be our 13th wedding anniversary and I try to stay with tradition on the gifts for each anniversary. From what I read the 13th anniversary is a textile or lace, well my husband doesn't usually wear lace and when I saw the t-shirt with wolves (which he collects) and the material the shirt was made out of that's the perfect gift for our anniversary. The price was reasonable and the delivery was  excellent. Thank you." - Deborah: Bay City, MI