Company Overview


Equillibrium is a lifestyle Street Brand specializing in apparel, handbags, and accessories for both Men and Women. All designs and products are created with triple bottom line principles: people, planet, and profit.

Founder and creator, Deb Henriksen, has a rich background that inspires Equillibrium’s style.  Equillibrium is a brand that stands out amongst competitors. Its solid reputation has influenced consumers, colleagues, and the apparel industry to become more conscious in process and less wasteful in general. What is good for the planet, is good for the consumer. 

Equillibrium donates 10% from sales to projects making effective change benefitting both people and planet.  When you wear Equillibrium, you not only represent sustainability in fashion. You represent sustainability around the World by wearing your heart on your sleeve!


Equillibrium is a female rider owned and operated business. We provide consumers with ethically fabricated and uniquely branded street wear. The original style, textiles, and detailing on Equillibrium products are what set them apart from competitors. We take pride in our customer service, professionalism, and competence displayed by Equillibrium representatives. In addition, the company's business ethics applied in operations will set a standard in the clothing manufacturing and textile fabrication markets 


Equillibrium believes in supporting the FREE SPIRIT it evolved from. Whenever possible we will support various events kindred to our passions in life. Equillibrium also believes in fulfilling responsibility to our communities and the environment. As a consumer of wholesale goods, we make thought out business choices in an environmentally conscious and socially ethical manner. To keep prices competitive and reasonable to the consumer, we will continually research the best sourcing available in the market who meet our standards. Equillibrium hopes to raise the consciousness of consumers, to realize what their dollars support. Being a positive role model for the youth is very important. Equillibrium promotes living life by its very balance. Part of this is promoting a respectable image. We care about our supporters; their satisfaction is top priority. Listening to their needs and fulfilling them is essential to our survival.


To support the future and evolution of life in balance through functional style and brand name recognition with what Equillibrium represents from its core.

Producer Member of Colorado's Mountains and Plains Fibershed


All the arms we need.