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Jackalope Arts Holiday Market Denver 2018
Take a listen to Equillibrium's feature in this fab KGNU News Story
(click pic for link):
As part of our series on zero-waste, produced in partnership with Boulder County and Eco-Cycle, KGNU’s Hannah Leigh Myers looked into the world of textile recycling and discovered, regardless of the sharp increase in textile waste, very little used fabric from Colorado and the Front Range is being recycled.
Deb Henriksen of Equillibrium in Denver Show Room
"TUCK ARMY, TROOP 5280"  announcement : 
7/7/18 Ann Arbor Skate Park. Ann Arbor, MI
Dave Tuck Skate Jam Funraiser 2018
Another feature we are grateful to have,  this time from Denver Style Magazine...
Photo: Noah Berger
Denver Style Magazine feature on Equillibrium
Equillibrium Creator and CEO get Slow Fashion feature in The Boulder Weekly!
Equillibrium CEO Deb Henriksen
Equillibrium's Holiday Pop-up
at the Jackalope Arts Fest
McNichols Building Downtown Denver
December 9th and 10th,  10a-5p
Jackelope Arts Fair at McNichols Building with Equillibrium Holiday 2017
303 Magazine write up: "The Rise of Sow Fashion" by Jennifer Tom
Equillibrium Sustainable Street Brand feature in 303 Magazine
EQ accepted an invitation to show at the 2017 Colorado Tattoo Convention and
sell our capsule collection in a booth space for the day...  look for us if you go!
Equillibrium is showing on SATURDAY 9.30.17 at 6p


EQUILLIBRIUM is excited to be a part of pioneering the slow fashion
movement and see it growing!  Come out to BEAUTIFUL Vail, CO during
a time when the Aspens will be at their peak gold and see the treasures
on display.  Build your wardrobe with sustainable style and timeless appeal!
Slow Fashion Vail mentioned a possible Q/A at the Equillibrium Pop-up
to discuss ethical fashion and production!! We are always excited
to share our experiences,  insight, and perspective on the subject.

Equillibrium at Slow Fashion Vail


Denver Punk Rock Flea Market


Jackelope Arts Fair at McNichols Building with Equillibrium



Equillibrium's next Runway Appearance will be at this fabulous event that celebrates the Arts in our home City of Denver, Colorado!!! 
Denver Westword's Whiteout Fashion Show at Artopia
Denver Westword Whiteout at Artopia
Artopia, Westword's annual celebration of art, culture and fashion, is taking it to the streets in 2017! On Saturday, February 25, City Hall will be the site of the artiest party of the year. While they sample cocktails and listen to street sounds from some of Denver’s best DJs and musicians, party-goers can explore themed spaces curated by Artopia 2017 curator Jolt and dedicated to four of Denver’s most iconic streets – Larimer, Santa Fe, Federal and Colfax – and street artists.            

Denver’s designers will show their street smarts, too, during the Whiteout fashion show that’s become an annual highlight of Artopia. D'Lola Couture, Equillibrium, Mona Lucero, Gino Velardi, Elyse Rainbolt, AnnaFesta, Blackberry Maverick, Denver Bespoke and Jiberish will be revving up the runway this year, working with style teams and models from Matthew Morris Salon and skincare, Well Beauty Co. and Wilhelmina Denver.
Denver Westword Whiteout at Artopia
EQUILLIBRIUM'S second and last POP-UP this Holiday Season is here:
Denver Punk Rock Flea Market Holiday Edition
Come out for an evening in RiNO to #shopSMALL at Green Spaces Dec8 from 6-8p.
  -FROST is Fashion Denver's 10th Holiday Market- 
Proceeds from our sales go toward the fight in Standing Rock! #NoDAPL  #WATERisLIFE
Fashion Denver Holiday Market "Frost" at Green Spaces
Equillibrium  "All the ARMS WE NEED" print
This June,  Dave Tuck will be celebrated in his hometown of Ann Arbor, MI.  
TA div5280 is in full support! TUCK LOVE!!! 
SK8 and DESTROY...
Dave Tuck Skate Jam
Denver PRFM 2016


"Tequila Sunrise"Collection at Denver Westword's premier Whiteout 2016 Fashion Show

Photography by Robin Fulton
Models Wilhelmina Denver

A look from Equillibrium's "Tequila Sunrise" Collection 2017 debuting at Whiteout 2016 Denver, CO

The Finale Line Up for the Equillibrium segment, "Tequilla Sunrise" 2017


Westword's Artopia now includes Whiteout, our annual fashion show. In advance of this year's art extravaganza, which is coming down on February 21 at City Hall, we checked in with the seven designers and boutiques that will be part of the Alice in Wonderland-themed Whiteout to ask what they have in store for the show. Read on for the answers from designer Deb Henriksen, founder of Equillibrium, and see some of her runway fashions.

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Westword: How did you get into fashion/design?

Deb Henriksen: Fashion has always stoked me out. My home economics class in middle school showed me how to run a sewing machine. Then modeling as a teen and working in fashion retail during high school expanded my experience in the industry. I worked retail off and on as a young adult at local skateboard and snowboard shops. I even worked at a Betsey Johnson boutique. Now I only work retail at pop-up shops for Equillibrium and run Equillibrium's showroom boutique in our shop.

Photo by: Westword: Equillibrium in Whiteout at Artopia 2015

How do you describe your style/work?

I'd say my style is Equillibrium's style, which is timeless, cool, balanced, conscious and focused on, quality not quantity. I don't skimp on detail or proper finishes for selected fabrics. [My designs are] well-constructed, sustainable, authentic, consistent, functional and bitchin'!

What should people know about what you'll be showing at Artopia?

There will be some new silhouettes I haven't made before and a new skull graphic will be debuting! We will hit the runway hard to rock you -- as always.

What's your favorite thing about the Denver art/fashion/design scene?

A good sense of community is important in any "scene." Even this lone wolf appreciates that infrastructure, and Denver has it. I've lived in Colorado for over 24 years and I'm not going anywhere! I make it work, and try not to allow any "scene" to frustrate me.

[Fashion] is a tough Industry everywhere, and not getting any easier. I am appreciative for all the support I get from Denver and Westword.
Photo by: Westword: Equillibrium in Whiteout at Artopia 2015

What's the one thing that could most improve the Denver art/fashion/design scene?

If there were more synergy working together in efforts to advance or mature the community. There are always people new to the community who think they'll put it on the map, which usually is counter-productive to moving things forward. The effects are more like a holding pattern. One simple example of working together is with scheduling events staggered rather than at the same time or on same night. An example of this was last year, with 303's Denver Fashion Week and the City of Denver's Arts Week competing for the fashion crowd the same weekend. Everyone has their own agenda, and I wish they worked together more to realize opportunities for greater strides and bigger impacts forward.
Photo by: Westword: Equillibrium in Whiteout at Artopia 2015

Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Equillibrium is a sustainable-street wear brand, specializing in men's and women's apparel, handbags and accessories, established in 2000 in Denver, Colorado.

Find out more about Equillibrium here. Buy $20 general admission tickets to Westword's Artopia, which now includes the Whiteout fashion show, for just $20 here -- use the showandtell promo code.

Equillibrium at Denver Westword's Artopia in Whiteout 2015

Denver designers present Whiteout fashion show

Colorado Style Editor
...First out were designs by Deb Henriksen of Equillibrium, who designs for an edgy urban girl like herself. Her look is tough chic but the looks were put together in sophisticated ways, like a denim motorcycle jacket, knit miniskirt, jersey hoody and goatskin bag, accessorized with black suede shoes from the South Broadway boutique True Love. Read full article...
Outfit  from Equillibrium. (Photo By AAron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post)
Outfit from Equillibrium.
(Photo By AAron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post)
Westword Whiteout
Fashion (Westword)

Deb Henriksen and Oslo.
Photo by Robin Johnson

On January 30, the second annual Westword Whiteout will kick off Denver's 2014 fashion season at the McNichols Building. The evening -- which raises funds for the American Transplant Association -- will include live music, specialty vendors, classic cocktails and some of the city's top designers in a signature runway event. Over the past few weeks, we've been profiling some of the creative people who are contributing to Whiteout, including Deb Henriksen, designer and owner of Equillibrium. Henriksen sets the standard for designers when it comes to the production of sustainable fashion; she recently took time out to answer a few of our questions about fashion, sustainability and Whiteout.

See also: Whiteout Fashion Show 2014

Westword: Tell us about yourself: Where are you from, and how you did you get into fashion?

Deb Henriksen: I was born and raised in Chicago. I moved out to Colorado in 1990 to attend Colorado State University (1990-­1994), lived up in Breck (1995-­1996), and then Denver (1997). There was more opportunity for skateboarding and environmental work around Denver back then.

I feel fashion is something that has grabbed me since childhood. I always got emotion from clothes and had a desire to make my own. I stuck only with art and sewing until Mrs. Kent (a biology teacher) got me so sign up for her class sophomore year...I was taking college chemistry by senior year and officially started using that left side of my brain with the right.

I actually graduated CSU with a B.S. in Environmental Health from the School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences and I am a current Accredited Professional with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in Building Design and Construction (LEED AP BD+C) with the U.S. Green Building Council... so I continue my education in science and sustainability to this day while making art.

What was the first thing you every designed/made?

The patchwork pillow project in seventh-grade home economics class...


Photo: WestWord; Equillibrium in Whiteout 2014.

What inspires you?

Nature -­‐ every bit of her!! Music, natural textiles: organics, silks, hemps, linens, cotton. Brilliant designers, advocating for the little guy and science, walking the line: standing upright, speaking truth, being fair... .It is all about hitting the right emotion through apparel to inspire me. Then figuring out the how to do it kicks in...

What is your take on the fashion scene in Denver. What is good, what's bad, what needs work?

It has come a long way since I've been a part of it. In 2004, I got on the map through Equillibrium. I have noticed it grow over the years. As new people move into town wanting a relevant part of Denver's success, there have been times when ego worked against a desired direction and momentum. Some dust has certainly settled, so we'll see what is to come. My focus is, and will remain, on my brand, Equillibrium, that will always be Colorado-based.

Why are you looking forward to participating in Westword's Whiteout?

I like and need deadlines. A well-­produced runway show is my favorite kind of deadline. The timing works well with the industry timeline's, too -- consumers in the audience will actually see some Equillibrium pieces inspired for 2015 that I'll be showing. There are only two consumer fashion shows a year I like and will do. Whiteout is one of them. Thanks for inviting Equillibrium back again!!


Photo: WestWord; Equillibrium in Whiteout 2014.

What can we expect to see from you on the runway?

Smart, well-­made, sustainable street fashions that will make you feel empowered, beautiful and happy through the Equillibrium blend of hard meets soft with a lowbrow twist and high fashion flair!

*No animals are ever harmed for Equillibrium products. We use natural and organic textiles, vintage and close-out fashion textiles, vintage and upcycled (diverted from landfill) non-­exotic hides: cow and goat mainly (some with fur).

*All Equillibrium ready-­‐to-­wear goods are printed, labeled, designed and branded in Denver, Colorado.

*All Equillibrium Kustoms are handmade treasures made in Denver.



Equillibrium Shield Logo
What do you get when you combine a street rider with Mother Nature? You get Deb Henriksen, designer and owner of Equillibrium Clothing, one of the featured designers at Denver Fashion Weekend that starts Saturday, November 9.

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Henriksen's philosophy of creating ethically fabricated designs "gives my customers a product that is from the core," she says. With a degree from Colorado State University in Environmental Health, Earth Mother Deb embraced sustainability long before the concept entered the mainstream. One of the co-creators of Red Drinks, a style night for networking in the Fashion Industry in Denver; inspired from Green Drinks, a sustainability night for networking in the Green Building industry. Deb, also a member of the class of 2006 class of MasterMinds invited us into her creative space to catch up.

Westword: The concept of Equillibrium began to take shape in 1998 and you are an original champion of sustainability. How are things working with sustainable fashions?

Deb Henriksen: There has been a lot of movement over the past few years, but there is still a lot of educating that needs to be done on the topic. I was able to find something I was passionate about; Equillibrium is where my kind of lifestyle, art, activism, music, and fashion collide. There are still folks who are not mindful of their footprint. You have to take responsibility of what you put out there.

How have you grown with the sustainability movement?

I'm big on up-cycling materials (aka landfill diversion), pollution prevention and waste minimization. Equilllibirum will continue to focus on quality, not quantity and consumer education. The brand is growing; we have a sales rep now, and as it does we will our philosophy of producing on a smaller scale. With regards to sustainability trends in fashion, we always continue our education on the latest in sustainability and research advancements on sustainable textile manufactured regularly.


Photo: 303 Magazine; F/W DFW 2013 Equillibrium.

Deb, this is a question we try to ask all of our designers: What do think of the fashion community in Denver?

We should all be on the same team. There are too many ringleaders under the big top; there needs to be more cooperation, especially around events and shows. We have a lot of talent in Denver but there are some who don't realize the way we can make an impact is by unified numbers. We need to have industry standards. You should conduct yourself in a professional manner and if you are conducting business, you have to be able to deliver at that level. There will always be people who are trying too hard, polishing a turd; where everything is overdone, and the result doesn't look professional. Equillibrium is not one of those brands I think out every detail from the design I create to tag lines repeatedly used over the years. Consistency and progression as a brand is crucial to survival.


Accessories from Equillibrium.


Fashions from Equillibirum

What can we expect from Equillibrium at DFW?

They'll look bad ass!

Denver Fashion Weekend runs November 9-10 at City Hall Amphitheater, 1144 Broadway. Tickets are available at


West Word 2006 Fashion Master Mind