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EQ Accessories: Upcycled Leather & Goat Fur Hipster Purse

EQ Accessories: Upcycled Leather & Goat Fur Hipster Purse

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The EQ Hipster is part of the Equillibrium Goat Series. It is handmade from over 90% up-cycled materials. 100% of the goat, cow, and feathers used in this product was donated and had seen its first end use. The strap is detachable, so when not worn as across the body, it can slide onto a belt and be worn on your hip. Each Hipster comes with a duster bag for storage. These hand made bags are to be treasured and passed down for generations, as they were built to last as long as taken care of.Unlike vinyl and synthetic leathers, these are not made from petroleum products that wear out and don't biodegrade. All our products from the EQ Goat Series have a long lifespan and get better with age! The hipster is just big enough for your iPhone, ID, CC/ $, and lipstick.  (dimensions:4"W x 6"H x .5"D) Only 13 were made, so order while supplies last!

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