Deb Henriksen, LEED AP BD+C

Equillibrium Creator/ Founder: Deb Henriksen, LEED AP BD+C
Equillibrium Sustainable Street Brand CEO Founder and Creator Deb Henriksen LEED AP BD+C

Deb Henriksen, originally from the suburbs of Chicago, has Lived in Colorado since 1990. Although her Background is widespread; from skateboarding to environmental Sciences, “I have felt my love for clothes for as long as I can Remember.” Deb Henriksen. Growing up in Naperville, IL her Interests were heavily focused on drawing and sewing. This is also where Deb excelled in clothing retail, spent time around Motocross, and instructed skiing at a local resort.

Sophomore Year in High School, Deb went on a Family trip to Keystone, Colorado. After falling in love with the mountains, she went to College at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her interests in our environment and wildlife habitats resulted In an Environmental Health Degree from Colorado State’s School Of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. During this time another Passion was realized … skateboarding. “I fell in love!!! Love at First sight! Eventually, I even had to give up skiing and ride a Snowboard… skating consumed me.” Deb says. This lead to actually living the lifestyle and moving up to Breckenridge after graduating College. 

Season1997, it was time to move down the mountain to Denver for more opportunities. Deb worked in Hazardous Waste Management for over 6 years. “I struggled to find happiness in this line of work, but I ached for the fulfillment found from arts and sewing.” Deb. The decision was made to follow her passions for fashion, the environment, art, and lifestyle. This led her to create the brand Equillibrium. Since 2000, Deb has been constructing Clothing from the use of originality, independence, and ethics. Deb also furthered her commitment toward sustainability by becoming a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) with the US Green Building Council in 2009, when they began moving towards LEED Retail Programs. She has been continuing her education and activism ever since...

While thinking globally and acting locally, Deb has been turning Heads, and is a vital pioneer in the art “scene” Denver is receiving recognition for today.

Equillibrium Sustainable Street Brand CEO Founder and Creator Deb Henriksen LEED AP BD+C

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