For the Love of Wolf

For the Love of Wolf

Wolves in Colorado are here. I believe we have never fully lost them as part of their historic natural habitat and migration paths.[1] In 2020, Coloradoans voted to “reintroduce” Wolves to their native Rocky Mountain Regions in Colorado.[2] For the genetic biodiversity needed for our existing Wolves to grow healthy enough in numbers to self sustain, we need to introduce new wolves to the territory...

The fact that Canis Lupus (Wolf) is a Keystone Speciesa species without whom an ecosystem will collapse - and Apex Predator - top of its food chain- makesit in our ecosystem’s best interest for Wolves to regain their presence in Colorado. The success story of Yellowstone National Park ‘s Wolf Reintroduction Program is an example of this.[3]

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is taking public comment on their Draft Wolf Reintroduction plan until 2/22/23... Colorado please HOWL for Wolves. #Coexist #wolvesareessential #wolvesbelong

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife is receiving public comment until February 22, 2023 about their Draft Wolf Reintroduction Plan.

Link to CPW’s Draft Wolf Reintroduction Plan (WRP)

Link to comment on CPW’s Draft WRP form (due 2/22/23) 

Link to CPW Wolf Public Hearing Schedule (DNVR 2/22/23)

The months and years ahead will have its rewards and challenges as we stand for Wolves… all parties must work together for the love of Wolf! Wolves are essential. Please H.O.W.L. with us, fight for all to Coexist and work towards a regenerative future. Where Wolves thrive, nature thrives, and therefore we thrive.




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