Equillibrium Accessories: *Reusable Organic Hemp/ Organic Cotton Face Mask

$ 38.00

This washable and reuseable face mask is a barrier for your nose and mouth for any time you want it.  Great for flying and travel. Made from 100% natural textiles that are good for your skin as well as have natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties from the fibers it is made with- hemp and bamboo.

The exterior is a black Certified Organic Hemp/ Certified Organic Cotton 12 oz. canvas

The liner is black Certified Organic Hemp/ Certified Organic Cotton 5.2 oz. jersey knit

*EQ Masks have a little upcycled duster case to store it in (sizes may vary since upcycled fabric piece sizes vary...)

*The sides have 1/4" eleastic; which can be replaced with ties at any time by the wearer... early orders were made with 1/2" the customer can carefully cut narrower to 1/4" if desired (cut around stitched segment).

*The sides of the liner are open to insert any filter material between the layers should you choose (even toilet paper is better than nothing for added filtration- fabrics generally are more permeable). Easy access to change out between wears and washes.

*Made to be worn with tag on bottom LHS of mask, it can be worn any way feels best. Face types vary, and some customers wear it as intended, and others find the fit better for their face with it upside down. Either works and our logo works either way too... so test out both ways and see what feels best to you.

Wash Instructions:  Suggest to wash between wears. Preferred hand wash gently with soap and water, air dry. Hand press when wet/damp or iron when dry.

As always we are donating 10% of our sales toward sustianable initiatives...  we always offer free shipping on orders over $60 - so buy 2 to rotate wearing and get free shipping (or get a shirt to wear with your mask)!

Disclosure of high demand:

Fulfillment time is 3-4 days. Orders are staggering out in the order in which received...  we are shipping USPS to keep rates low. If local, contactless pick up M-F 10a-6p by appt. preferred. 


USPS is at 30% capacity,  both USPS and UPS delivery times are no longer guarunteed nor are they timely... please be patient.  If a problem arises, Equillibirum will make it right. 

If an order is replaced, we request contactless pick-up.  If you live in the Denver Metro Area- contactless pick up is suggested and is now an option for shipping.

We promise each and every order will be made in a timely manner. We understand the urgency. Thank you for your order and your pateince.

Disclosure of liability:

Equillibrium makes no medical claims and is not liable for anyone who contracts anything at anytime. Everything stated about this product is fact, not opinion. Be safe and well -  always wash your hands and your  mask often, you are blessed if you have access to soap and clean water... we are with you.