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EQUILLIBRIUM 2020 YEAR IN REVIEW January 15 2021, 0 Comments

Equillibrium’s 2020 year in review has as many ups and downs as the pandemic… but overall we see more ups. To start, who would have guessed making face masks for frontline workers would have turned into selling them by need and consumer demand second quarter 2020?! Our EQ Organic Hemp/Cotton Face Mask was the best-seller last year and best sales conversion we have ever experienced in 20yrs of existence.

Thanks to that bump in sales last year, we were able to give generously in 2020. Here is the Equillibrium 2020 Sales Donations break down:

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Equillibrium 2020 Sales Donations pie chart

Equillibrium top donations from 2020 (all sources, not just from sales) were as follows:

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Equillibrium top donations from 2020 pie chart

     Our face mask sales died off by summer months and the bills kept rolling in. Unfortunately Holiday sales did not come through for us before year’s end. What has come through for us is the City of Denver and Red Line Gallery helping distribute Grant money to the arts for those in need and who qualify to receive Cares Act Funds.

     Equillibrium is very grateful for our position coming out of 2020 and moving forward into 2021. As we all navigate new challenges, we will persist. Equillibrium had plans to celebrate our 20th Anniversary Oct.2020… we now look ahead and plan to focus on a celebration for our 25th Anniversary in 2025! Thank you for supporting our pioneering sustainable street brand. We hope to see 2021 be even more successful and have a new top seller!

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Denver Fashion Week Fall 2019: Equillibrium runway pics February 19 2020, 0 Comments

Denver Fashion Week November 2019

Equillibrium: "Forever with the Wild" Advant Garde Show with Rita B Salon

Inspired by black and white endangered species.... opening with Father Time, closing with Mother Earth with an arrow through her heart... for the disrespect Humans display toward nature and its creatures for profit. It is unacceptable and unsustianable.  We MUST rewild and conserve our wild places.  Humans need nature, nature does not need humans... FOREVER with the Wild!

Father Time: the time is now!

Equillibrium Look 1: "Father Time"

Black Wolf "Stand for Wolves"

Equillibrium Look 2: "Black Wolf"

Black Panther "Protect the Rainforest"

Equillibrium Look 3: "Black Panther"

Adele Penguin "Defend the Actic"

Equillibrium Look 4: "Adele Penguin"

Equillibrium Look 4: "Adele Pengiun"

Pilot Fish "Clean our Oceans"

Equillibrium Look 5: "Pilot Fish"

Giant Panda "Rewild the Forests"

Equillibrium Look 6: "Giant Panda"

Snow Leopard "Defend the Arctic"

Equillibrium Look 7: "Snow Leopard"

Equillibrium Look 7: "SnowLeopard"

Snowy Owl and Snow Leopard "Defend the Arctic"

Equillibrium Look 8&7: "Snowy Owl and Snow Leopard"

Snowy Owl "Defend the Arctic"

Equillibrium Look 8: "Snowy Leopard"

Equillibrium Look  8: "Snowy Owl"

White Wolf "Stand for Wolves"

Equillibrium Look 9: "White Wolf"

Equillibrium Look 9: "White Wolf"

Mother Earth "Broken Heart"

Equillibrium Look  10: "Mother Earth"

Equillibrium Finale Walk...

Equillibrium Finale Walk

Equillibrium Deb Finale Walk

Equillibrium's Deb Henriksen and Rita B Scott Lobbin

Equillibrium Deb Henriksen and Ritab B Salon Scott Lobbin

Equillibrium 2019 Year in Review... December 30 2019, 0 Comments

Before we do a year in review, Equillibrium would like to thank you for your support! Because of all our customers who purchased from us in 2019, we were able to make donations to the following causes and organizations: Environmental non-profits- Western Environmental Law Center, Environmental Defense Fund and the Southern Plains Land Trust  , Wolf Activism non-profit Sanctuaries- Mission Wolf, W.O.L.F. , and Animal Rights non-profits- PETA. 2019's contributions broke down as follows...

Happy Holidays!! December 23 2019, 0 Comments

Peace on Earth and Good Will to ALL!
Happy Holiday Wishes from Equillibrium